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Welcome to heArtwork !

I’m thrilled to share with you the beauty of colours, shapes, movement, touch, vibrations and stories.

May you experience Joy while contemplating my paintings.

May you experience Light while reading the stories I share.

May you feel curiosity while reading about my Body Art.

May Playfulness, Abundance and Sensuality enter and widen your heart!


to you,



heArtwork Collection

Take a look at my work, feel the vibration, pause, breathe and feel again …

Each painting carries its own full story (which I have written down for you) and Energetic Blueprint. Taste the different stories, energies, textures and colours, and above all: Enjoy! 

Energetic Blueprint

THERE’S MORE TO FEEL than what the eye can see! For every painting you will find and Energetic Blueprint, a kind of identity card based on the energetic and healing qualities that every single painting vibrates.

The Energetic Blueprints are the result of dowsing. I asked my friend and healer-therapist-channeler Vassilia Theodoridou to dowse the energetic vibration, colour and healing qualities of the paintings.

The paintings actually support your inner spaces and/or your living environment such as bedroom, living room, meditation room or office.

Light Language & Conscious Painting Process

Conscious painting is much more than just placing the brush onto the canvas. Let me introduce you to the secret of Light Language and my personal Conscious Painting Process.

Body Art

Revealing the messages of our body!

Writing the Body is a 2 to 3-hour therapeutic body painting session. While you relax, I play with colours and paint and I listen to the messages of your body. Your body speaks! Are your ready to listen?

 It is all about surrendering to the senses, sinking deep into your feelings, and transforming or releasing whatever got stuck. It’s about feeling alive again!

It’s a journey through the senses, an invitation to joy and pleasure, to feeling and connecting to your body, to awakening your senses, your womb, your feminity, your fire, your creativity!

Prints & Postcards



Push the button and get a small glimpse of my work.


Once in a blue moon, and usually on demand, I paint portraits. What I paint is not only a resembling image but most of all a reflection of (& meditation on) the Soul.


If you are interested to have your portrait done, please send me an e-mail.

Retreats and Coachings!

Find out everything about my retreats, seminars and coachings!

Retreats are held in Greece and in Belgium. Next to that I offer individual coaching (online) and online seminars and workshops.


Do you have a question about a certain artwork? Would you like to buy an artwork? Would you like to book a Body Art  session? Send me an e-mail and I’ll contact you as soon as I can.