Leonie Joanne JOEY brown

Writer, teacher, spiritual guide and artist

My work and inner search, whether I write, paint, coach or guide a retreat, is all about the Heart and the Soul. It’s about connecting with the True Creative Self. Transformation, healing, finding balance, expressing deep inner wishes and connecting with the Source which is Life. Deep Soul Painting, that’s what I call my artwork by times. And the waters and the woods and the healing energy and spirit of Ikaria, the Greek island where I live, are my dearest and greatest source of inspiration.

I live, love, write, paint and work on the small Greek island of Ikaria, known for its stunning wild nature. The past few years Ikaria gained widely spread fame as a Blue Zone (Longevity) island. It is one of the rare places in the world where the inhabitants enjoy a long and healthy life. or as it appeared in the NYT, Huffington Post and even Reader’s Digest: “Ikaria is an island where people simply forget to die”.

Ikarians are Artists of Life. They taught me how to live daily life more dearly, more ordinarily, in a simple no-nonsense, rooted and grounded style.

Without my paintings, I am not complete. My writings and paintings are strongly connected, they are co-created and they co-exist, without each other they are nothing.  My paintings carry the core of my soul, it’s where my thoughts cannot prevail.

My artwork shows my raw, unpolished side, the bomb of energy I carry within me, and for which I try to find ways of expression, again and again.

On the canvas I feel free to splash, to exaggerate, to enjoy, to celebrate and dance, to enlarge but also to reduce my actions to nothing, to sit and stare, to pull back and be silent, playful, soft, tender, heartbroken, furfilled or hyper sensitive.

Inspiration I find in nature and nature elements (trees! moon! river! mountains! rocks! sea!), in connection with others, in touch, smiles and hugs, in musical rhythms and in dance, and in surprising materials such as vegetables, pebbles, wood, charcoal, sand and salt.

Roots, balance and grounding, that’s the energy of my Artwork. When staring at my paintings, you will be slowly but gradually guided to your Essence, to That what matters most for you. What my work will stir in you, is a process of Awakening.

Open yourself to your inner wisdom. Open your heart and soul to what’s already there.

Leonie Joanne JOEY BROWN (1976, Belgium) is a Flemish author, writing coach, and spiritual teacher. She has a Master’s degree in Literature and Language. She worked as a high school language teacher, journalist, and creative writing teacher in Belgium for several years.

In 2010, she decided to quit her jobs and start an inner journey. This search took her around the world for three years, during which she attended dozens of workshops, seminars, and courses in the field of psychology, spirituality, and therapy. In 2014 she finally settled down on the Greek island of Ikaria.

She got her degrees as an Inner Child therapist and as a Systemic Constellation facilitator and therapist. In 2020 she took an extra degree in Medical Integrative and Psychosomatic Constellation and Reconstructive Therapy.

For years now, she has been working as a writing coach, spiritual guide, systemic counselor, and inner child therapist.

Her work focuses on the transformational processes and healing effects of writing and painting. She is known for her dot-line-writing meditation and Light Language writing methods for self-reflection and reconnection with our truth.

In 2019 she published her book “Writing to Consciousness, Discover your True Story” (Schrijven naar bewustzijn, only available in Dutch). Several times a year, she organizes seminars, retreats, and workshops in Belgium and Greece.

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