Body Art

Writing the Body

Revealing the messages of our body!

Writing the Body is a 2 to 3-hour therapeutic body painting session. While you relax, I play with colours and paint and I listen to the messages of your body. It feels like “writing” down its story (I keep notes of the journey), and you will feel how – sometimes forgotton – parts of your body will start communicating again. It is all about surrendering to the senses, sinking deep into your feelings, and transforming or releasing whatever got stuck. It’s about reviving what feels dead or black or cold. It’s about feeling alive again!

The session starts with a relaxing light massage of the head, arms, shoulders, neck and legs. We take our time to arrive in the here and now. Once relaxed, I will ask you to put on a blindfold, so that you can fully concentrate on the touch of my fingers and brush, without being distracted. I will take some more time to tune in to your body and then the painting process starts. I start from nothing – a dot – and I just follow the directions the body tells me to take.


I might write or paint your belly, or the hips, or the upper legs or put my full attention on the shoulders, if that’s what your body is asking me. Your body will be speaking to me through instructions. I follow what I “hear”. Usually more than one part of the body gets painted.

While I am at work, the only thing I ask you to do it to be attentive to the images, feelings and messages that might be revealed.

Are your ready to listen to its story?

Your body speaks!

Awakening your creativity

Writing the body is not about creating an artwork. I won’t paint a tree or an animal or whatever symbol you would like me to paint. It is not about the result, but it is all about the PROCESS. It’s a journey through the senses. A journey that starts with a dot, a line, and forms and figures that reveal itself through the movement.

This journey is an invitation to joy and pleasure, to feeling and connecting to your body, to awakening your senses, your womb, your feminity, your fire, your creativity!

An accidental discovery

I discovered my gift of body whispering by accident. Some years ago, a woman that had suffered from breast cancer, came to my house for help. She expressed her wish to connect again to the part of her body where her breast had been. “It’s a dead part”, she said, “I can’t feel it.” I asked her if she was willing to experiment… with touch and paint. She agreed happily. And so it all started.

During the session with her I could feel – to my surprise – how her body was opening up to me, speaking to me, telling me what to do. I listened and kept moving my fingers and brushes. She, from her side, could feel how her healthy body parts were communicating and connecting with the mutilated part. “Everything is talking in me!”

A few days later she called me: “I know it might only be my imagination, but my mutilated part feels alive again!”


  • A session Writing the Body is available for women only.
  • The session takes place at my home or in nature (depending on the weather).
  • What you need to wear or bring: a bathing suit or some old underwear (it might get paint on it). Bring some old clothes in case you want to keep the painting on your body for a while.
  • For a private session of 2 to 4 hours (the body decides about the time) I ask 350 EUR to 650 EUR, according to your financial capacities and in alignment with what you believe your body is worth.


Photographs Body Art: by Hannah Hakkenberg



Once in a blue moon, and usually on demand, I paint portraits. What I paint is not so much a resembling image but rather a reflection of (& meditation on) the Soul. 


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