Energetic Blueprint

There’s more to feel than what the eye can see!

There’s more to FEEL than what the eye can see! For every painting you will find an Energetic Blueprint, a kind of identity card based on the energetic and healing qualities that every single painting vibrates.

The Energetic Blueprints are the result of dowsing. Together with my friend and healer-therapist-channeler Vassilia Theodoridou we dowsed the energetic vibration, colour and healing qualities of the paintings.

Over the past years, it struck me that most visitors to my house had a kind of ‘strange’ reaction to my work. Although some of them didn’t particularly ‘like’ a certain painting, they were attracted to it as a moth to light.

I wondered what it was that they were feeling.

Also my personal behaviour towards the paintings told me a few things: I have the habit to have certain works in particular places of my house. Intuitively, without really knowing why.

After the dowsing session it occurred to me that my work not only had an influence on my own feelings, but could actually support spaces and other people as well!

Sometimes, all you need is a little splash of colour!

Colour is a power which directly influences the Soul

Conscious Painting Process

Light language at the base of every painting

Conscious Painting is no hocus pocus. On the contrary, it is quite down to earth. It is painting in a meditative state, from awareness, connected to the here and now. While you paint, you are aware of your body, the sounds around you, and you open up to the creative flow which is life.

Let me tell you a little about Light Language.

The first layer of every painting is Light Language (1). That’s always my first step. With Light Language I connect and open up to the higher consciousness, and I ask for guidance throughout the painting process.

Every painting is a channeled message. It is not so important what you see, but it is important what you feel when tuning in to it.


(1) Light Language is a timeless channeled cosmic language that distributes sound (when spoken) and energy (when written) to convey messages. It consists of symbols and “words” that can only be interpreted by the heart. Sometimes I refer to it as Primal Language and sometimes as Futuristic Language. But the truth is that it is always the timeless language of the exact NOW. 

Light Language speaks to your soul rather than to your programmed hearing and brain. It stimulates you to receive information on a much deeper level. 

When you see or hear Light Language, the question is “how does it make me feel”, rather than “what do I think of it”.

The best example is what one of my clients said when she first saw one of my paintings: “My brain doesn’t understand it but I just KNOW that I need this painting close to me!”

The purpose of Light Language is to liberate you, and to shift your energy to a higher level. You can feel the vibration of the Light Language through all the other layers, when tuning in to a painting.

It opens up your emotional growth, expands your mental understanding as well as your spiritual capacity. It allows you to tap into inner wisdom, healing, regeneration, and activation. It stimulates the opening of the third eye and it reminds you of your Soul’s Purpose here on earth.

In short: it helps you to remind you who you are, in essence.