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Circles of Light

The creation of Circles of Light started somewhere in 2015, and I finished the last layer early 2020. Underneath the Circles are layers of ‘scattered paint’, in the sense that I would run into the garden early mornings, splash paint onto the canvas, followed by buckets of water. Then I would sit in the grass, and meditate …

Heart Written

One hot summer night, my sister and I got ourselves busy with paints, sand, snow white pebbles, pencils, crayons and charcoal. Not only the canvas, but also our hands, feet and clothes got fully coloured …

Key for Change

This painting created itself during the long winter hours of 2016 and 2017. I took my time for it, and for many mornings this painting was sitting in front of me on the floor, unfinished, during my daily meditation practice …

Key for Change

Message of the Sun

Sometimes I feel the need to write endlessly, without words, in connection with my higher self. In such moments, I turn to Light Language, the language I usually use for the first layer of all my paintings …

Source Dance

Source Dance was at first a source of frustration, while painting it. I couldn’t finish it. Layer after layer, color on color, but the final form wouldn’t show itself. I nearly gave up. I sat down on a little stool, and took a deep breath. I waited …

Star Flower

The first layer of Star Flower was created in the midst of summer, 2018. I woke up at sunrise, sat down in the garden and noticed the first sunrays touching and moving my heart. “What’s in my heart right now? What is moving?” I took a thin marker and a large canvas and connected with my heart through written Light Language …

The Source I (birth)

A woman carrying the god child or the light in her womb, four archangels standing at her side. Or, if you look at it another way, a woman supported by two figures of light, or male and female energy, uniting in the womb …

The Source II (rising)

I remember the trance-like state I was in, while painting, inviting the movement, letting the River of Life flow through my body and hands. Every little movement resulted in a line, a color. It is what it is. Rising, upwards, outwards, expanding in all directions …

Water & Fire

Stuck emotions feel like frozen water. Sorrow, pain, anger, fear, sadness, frustration. The body becomes ice cold. The eyes, the lips, the hands, all cold. No touch. No love. No flow. The only remedy against frozen water is to wake up our fire and release the massive bomb of energy we have  in our body.


Once in a blue moon, I paint portraits. What I paint is not so much a resembling image but rather a reflection of (& on) the Soul.

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