Message of the Sun

2020, IKARIA (Greece)

Sometimes I feel the need to write endlessly, without words, in connection with my higher self. In such moments, I turn to Light Language, the language I usually use for the first layer of all my paintings. While writing Message of the Sun, I felt the need, however, to expose the language, as if it was coming straight from the source.

Gold, white, circle enz…

 This text still needs to be written.

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas 

60 cm x 60 cm

€ 1820 – € 2330


Your thoughts are your messages to the world. Just as the sunrays are messages of Light of the Sun.

(Amit Ray)

Vibration of the Light: violet (1)

Frequency: 82Hz

Bovis Life Force Vibration: 10K (2)

Neutral energy

Stimulates healing of the digestive system (3)

(1) Violet is related to the seventh chakra of the crown. It helps in healing conditions of the nerve system. It represents the element of the Air. It represents movement and opening up to new ideas.

(2) According to the Bovis Life Force Bioenergy Dowsing Chart. 10K = high meditative level.

(3) Hiliogrammata vibrates therapeutically; it functions as a gate to the Unknown, to Emptiness and Silence. Diving into it, releases internal fears and emotional blockages, or “that what is difficult to digest”. Look at the painting during your meditations, or have it somewhere close in your bedroom or meditation space.