The Source II (Rising)

April 2015, BELGIUM & IKARIA (Greece)

I remember the trance-like state I was in, while painting, inviting the movement, letting the River of Life flow through my body and hands. Every little movement resulted in a line, a color. It is what it is. Rising, upwards, outwards, expanding in all directions … life.

The source of creation is within us. It’s just a matter of tuning in, and listening to it’s voice. 

Acrylic and crayon on canvas

20 cm x 50 cm

€ 1940 – € 2400

 The Source I & II are only sold together (the price above is for both artworks).  The reason is that they were made together, and they balance each other through male and female energy. By putting them together into the same room, for example in your office or in your bedroom, you balance out the room.



It’s OKAY if you fall down and lose your spark, your joy, your wit. Just make sure that when you get back up, you rise as the sun, as the greatest light, as the whole damn fire!


Vibration of the Light: silver (1)

Frequency: 75Hz

Bovis Life Force Vibration: 11K (2)

Female energy 

Stimulates healingof the cardiovascular system (3)

(1) Silver symbolizes the acceptance of our actions and our decisions. It is the vibration of the grace of the Divine Driving Force. It allows the manifestation of our dreams. The Silver Cord comes from the heart, through the Crown Chakra, and it is connected to the Spirit of the Truth and the Water of Life. It brings together the mind and the heart, and amplifies the intuitive understanding of other dimensions.

(2) According to the Bovis Life Force Bioenergy Dowsing Chart. 11K = high meditative level.

(3) The Source II vibrates therapeutically; it guides your inner journey, connecting mind and heart.