Water & Fire

June 2013, IKARIA (Greece)

Stuck emotions feel like frozen water. Sorrow, pain, anger, fear, sadness, frustration. The body becomes ice cold. The eyes, the lips, the hands, all cold. No touch. No love. No flow. The only remedy against frozen water is to wake up our fire and release the massive bomb of energy we have  in our body.

I love volcano’s. Maybe that’s why I’m living on one. When my fire finally catches fire after a long period of numbness or mourning or built up frustration, I become a powerful erupting volcano. I use my paint, brush and sometimes full body to help the volcano erupt. When I embrace the volcano in me, I feel my strength and power.  As a volcano I heat my frozen water to a level so hot that it will rise up like knives cutting through the fire in my body. 

My body becomes warm again. My lips and hands gentle. My eyes bright and light. And the volcano rests again. 

The only fire that floats and is able to heat your endless ocean,  is volcanic fire. So if you want your ice to melt, make sure your fire has the power of a volcano!

Acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm

€  1870 – 2250 


Love’s fire heats water, water cools not love.

(William Shakespeare)


Vibration of the Light: grey (1)

Frequency: 99Hz

Bovis Life Force Vibration: 11.5K (2)

Male energy

Stimulates emotional healing (3)

(1) Grey represents the element of the fire and it helps in burning pathogens or the causes of illnesses in our system. It’s also called “the fiery green”. It is the vector of the Kundalini and the fire that connects all of the chakras.

(2) According to the Bovis Life Force Bioenergy Dowsing Chart. 11.5 = high meditative level.

(3) Water & Fire vibrates therapeutically; it represents the elements of alchemy (water and fire) and it helps releasing old ballast, needed to transform and allow a new phase in your life. It functions as a healing tool for deep emotional wounds. The fire helps to melt the ice (non-flowing water), or those parts in your system that got frozen through trauma or pain.