Shedding light on parts of ourselves

Once in a blue moon, and usually on demand, I paint portraits. What I paint is not only a resembling image but a reflection of (& meditation on) the Soul. Whether it be the Soul of the subject, or my own, I prefer that to be left in the middle. It is about what I perceive while tuning in to the subject. It’s about two souls becoming one on canvas.

I became a portrait painter by coincidence. I paint because I like it, not because I’m “good” at it. I just paint and enjoy. I am however, good at seeing the subject, truly seeing, and sitting with him or her for days (I usually work from photo, so no sitting hours).

My portraits, which tend to be a week long meditation on canvas, mostly reveal the hidden parts of the subject, or those parts of their soul that they have secretly kept away from eyes to see. Whenever I send the finished portrait to its owner, it is always met by surprise: “O my God! You touched it! You exposed me!”

All portraits have travelled to the houses of its owners. If you are interested to have your own portrait done, or the portrait of a loved one, please send me an e-mail.

Portrait & Soul

It’s about colour. It’s about curves. It’s about light. It’s about eyes. And the light in it. It’s about motion. It’s about emotions. It’s about what you feel when you look at a portrait.

Some useful information:

Coloured portrait of a man: acrylic on canvas, 80 x 100 cm

Black & white portrait of a grandfather: charcoal and acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm

Black & white portrait of a Tribe girl, charcoal on paper, 28 x 21 cm