Prints & Postcards

In IKARIA we go slow … 

I’m asking for your patience … 

Pen & watercolour

“Sitting meditation or growing roots into the river, never leaving what is”

Pen(cil) & Watercolour

Here you will see a small collection of postcards and prints soon!

At the back of every postcard you will find some mindful words or personal poetry.




1) Red Moon Rising (pen & watercolour, postcard)

“You might turn your eyes away from Love, or fear the rising of the Red Moon, but there’s no running from the Great River.

You ARE already Love. You ARE already Life. You are already what you’re looking for.”

(Joey Brown)

2) Togetherness (pen & watercolour, postcard)

“Sharing the Great River. Following the same Light.”

(Joey Brown)


3) Into the River (pen & watercolour, postcard)

“Be as the Still Mountain. Move like the Great River.”

(Lao Tsu)